Wasp catcherOne of the problems with having a garden that attracts Hummingbirds is that it will attract bees and wasps. Even though Honey bees and bumblebees are good for the environment, they are not always welcome visitors around my feeders.

I do avoid commercial pesticides because of the harm to other insects and the hummingbirds themselves, but I do have a few tricks to keep them off my feeders.  One such trick is a wasp catcher in the photo.  These are a beautiful
addition to the garden, and they serve several purposes.

They help to eliminate wasps and flies without exposing your family or your yard to toxic chemicals.  Bees will get in them as well but they are somewhat smarter creatures and tend to see dead insects
and will just leave the area.

First hang the wasp catchers on a Sheppard’s hook or other decorative stand
and fill with sugar water or lemonade to entice wasps and other stinging insects.
They will fly in the hole in the bottom, but are not able to climb out and they will die.  Make sure to clean this out often and no one will ever know your new decorative accessory to your hummer garden is even used for pest control.

They come in recycled glass and in several different colors.  Unless you have an unfortunate accident of dropping one during cleaning, which I have done before, these will last many years and serve as beauty and benefit to any Hummer Garden.


I just ordered my new Wasp Catchers here.

Lisa Cockrell

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