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My Baby Hummer’s First Trip to the Feeder

lisa cockrell

My Baby Hummer’s First Trip to the Feeder I saw my last hummingbird 2 weeks ago, and I am trying very hard not to be sad. I am so blessed to have hummingbirds arrive the end of March or the first week of April, and they stay until the middle of October. So I honestly…

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Hummingbird Migration – Como, MS 2015

laurel rose manor

On Sunday, September 13, 2015 we held the second annual Hummingbird Migration Festival in Como, MS. The occasion was held at the Gardens at Laurel Rose Manor, the home of Dr. Mike & Lisa Cockrell. I have been an active hummingbird enthusiast for many years now and for the past two years Mike and I…

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Happy Anniversary My Hummer Garden

the hummer garden

    Happy Anniversary to My Hummer Garden! A year ago I was in the early stages of getting my book published  to share my love of hummingbirds with my family, friends, and the world.  It was an early birthday present when my husband and good friend showed up with my first box of books. My…

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