I have never been known as being too serious.  Some may even say that I am quite silly, and they would be right.  I love to smile, laugh, and make others do the same.  I love to tell jokes, even if they are funnier to me..My husband thinks it’s hilarious to see me laugh at a joke.  Sometimes I will get carried away with the smallest thing, and he just shakes his head probably thinking I guess you had to be there.  I have more sayings than “you can shake a stick at”, and I tend to say them allot. On  of my favorite things to do is to prank people by sneaking up on them, or popping around a corner just to make my family scream and “scare the dickens out of them”.  See I have a million!

I recently was playing in the sunflower field that we planted behind our
home, and my husband started snapping pictures.  I posted one of these silly pictures and had an overwhelming response from friends saying what a great picture it was.  My best friend even told me that it was the best picture she had ever seen of me.  I found this very funny because I had no makeup, tousled hair, and wasn’t really trying to look good.  The one thing I did notice was that I had the biggest smile on my face and my arms were open
wide.  My being silly portrayed in this picture by showing that I was happy, and I truly am.  How wonderful that others saw this and my silly sunflower picture made someone else smile. I am so thankful for the smiles and laughter I can enjoy every day.  Remember to smile… and Live, Laugh and Love Always!

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