lisacockrell.comAs I looked through the camera lens at this beautiful butterfly I only saw its beauty and grace. I snapped several pictures of it feeding on my butterfly bush, and only after  I downloaded my photos did I see that part of its wing was torn. .  The “imperfection” that I saw almost made me throw away the picture until I thought about it. Who am I to judge imperfection.

lisacockrell.comWhat does imperfection mean anyway?  I looked up the definition and it was” Flawed or imperfect at the perimeter or edge; of little value or use”  I did not feel that this beautiful butterfly was of little use or value just because of its torn wing.  Would I want someone else to feel this way about me because of my imperfections?

We are not perfect, not any of us.  We all have flaws and sometimes broken and torn wings, but like this butterfly we are still beautiful and we are still flying.  If we could only learn to look past the imperfections that each of us hold, we could see the beauty that is in us all.

I thank God that even though I am not perfect, he loves my imperfections, and I am still flying high!




Lisa Cockrell

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