My Hummingbirds Are Back.


 Hummingbirds in Spring     The Hummingbirds have landed and I am oh so happy! We have had them for several weeks now. My first arrived on a cold morning in March. Since then they are coming through in record numbers. I am sure that some are just stopping to get their fill before flying…

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Need a little encouragment

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We have had a long cold winter, and I am trying hard not to complain. We all know that the seasons are necessary and each is beautiful and unique within itself. My winter birds have been out in full force and I am thinking now they probably eat more than my Hummers do.  I just…

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Hummingbird in fountain

5-1-2014 10-03-58 AM

Got a couple of new fountains for my hummingbirds late in this season, and today finally caught just a glimpse of one “testing out the water”.     If you like this video please share it with your friends.  I would love to hear about your experiences  with hummingbirds. Please join me on my facebook…

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Hummingbird Meditation

hummingbird meditation

Hummingbird Meditation As we were watching the Hummingbirds in our back yard the other day, we found this little guy and at first we thought he might be sick. After a little bit of research and collaberation with some other Hummingbird enthusiasts, we learned that he was not likely ill but was preparing for his…

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Seeing Beyond Imperfections

As I looked through the camera lens at this beautiful butterfly I only saw its beauty and grace. I snapped several pictures of it feeding on my butterfly bush, and only after  I downloaded my photos did I see that part of its wing was torn. .  The “imperfection” that I saw almost made me…

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