If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

How many times do we think, I wish I had more money, or could lose weight,
or have a better spouse, or even I wish I could be happier?  These are all goals that are within our reach, so why are we not all beautiful, skinny, happy and married to a perfect millionaire?  I honestly believe that most people even if they say they want these things, feel that they are out of their reach.  We go through everyday fighting with our loved ones, eating the same foods, not loving the person in the mirror, and just being unhappy with parts of our lives.  The more we concentrate on the negative parts of our lives, the more the
universe gives us these same disappointments every day.  “We get what we think about all day whether we want it or not.”

Set a goal to watch your thoughts for the day. You may be surprised. Just observe.  Understanding that you won’t be able to change everything in your life at once, but making yourself aware of the things that are holding you back.  We can all achieve all our goals but we must change something first.  Now to all you skinny, rich, happy people out there this isn’t for you.  But for the rest of us, today is the day we will become more aware of our thoughts and actions, and make a decision to change just one thing to reach our full potential.  Good luck to us all and remember to find time to Live, Laugh, and Love Always!

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