my hummer gardenGood morning my Hummer Friends!

I still have a few hummingbirds coming through.

Most of my adult males have already moved through. My little male with the deformed beak seems to have gone. Didn’t see him yesterday or this morning.

I am mostly seeing females and juvenile males. The days are numbered so I am enjoying each little bird that stops for a visit. I have 5 small feeders up. The temperature has been 55-75 degrees so much cooler here.


I wanted to share a picture of my juvenile male perched on my little swing today.

my hummer gardenThis little guy is fattened up and resting before he takes off again. It is amazing to me that this little juvenile male has no memory of migration but he knows when to go and which way to go.

If our little birds are this smart how come we can’t figure out where to go in life. If we quit worrying so much and just follow our heart I think things would be much simpler.




Follow your heart my dear friends and remember to Live, Laugh and Love Always!

Love and Hugs, Lisa

my hummer garden




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