Hummingbirds in Spring



The Hummingbirds have landed and I am oh so happy! We have had them for several weeks now. My first arrived on a cold morning in March. Since then they are coming through in record numbers. I am sure that some are just stopping to get their fill before flying on north, but some are here to spend the summer with me. I have 7 feeders up now and am cleaning and refilling about every 3-4 days. Must make sure they have clean fresh feeders and food. Remember to use a mixture of plain white sugar and water. 1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water.

My plants are sprouting out everywhere so they have lots to eat here. I know some of my friends further up still have cold and are lacking flowers, but I promise to fatten them up before they head up to see you.

I managed to shoot a quick video of the feeding last night. This time of year they are still a little hesitant of me and I can only tape through the window. It won’t be very long before I can sit in the midst of the flurry of little wings again.


Good luck my Hummer friends. Spring has Sprung!


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