my hummer gardenI have been feeding and watching hummingbirds for many years, and it amazes me that each year I have had special birds with special circumstances. I have had several years that I have had some with broken beaks or missing tails.

This year I have a very special bird with a special little beak.

At first glance I thought the beak was broken and I was so worried he wouldn’t be able to eat. This adult male ruby-throat hummingbird does have an unusual beak , but I shared my picture with a hummingbird rehabber that suggested that his beak is not broken, but deformed and he should do well.

my hummer gardenShe said there have been several sightings of such birds over the years, and they have adapted to their deformity and can eat well from flowers and feeders.

I have a feeder right outside my kitchen window so I can watch this little guy and he is feeding well with his little deformed beak.

He is eating well and chasing other birds away from his feeder, so it makes me feel better to know he will be ok.

Since I first shared his picture on face book I have had two other hummer lovers that had a very similar looking bird for the last several years on this same migration path.

I can’t help but wonder if it is the same bird migrating through every year.

my hummer gardenI guess even in the hummer world there are imperfections .

Reminds me that we are all beautiful and capable of doing anything we want in this world even with our imperfections!

We are each unique and special.

Never let your limitations stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Like this little hummingbird; keep flying high and strong.

Best wishes little hummer, hope to see you in the Spring.

Love and Hugs!


my hummer garden







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