Man vs. hornets!

My wonderful husband was viciously attacked by a nest of hornets late yesterday evening. Now I can’t say that it was unprovoked, because apparently he was driving the brush mower over their unseen nest. I can’t say how many there were or how many times he got stung, we sort of lost count. One particularly nasty little creature keep chasing him and stinging him relentlessly. He swatted and ran and it just kept chasing him. I was trying to get him to run to the ATV so I could get him away from it, but Delilah our German Sheppard, sensing that her human was in trouble ran right up to him and snapped at the hornet. The hornet left my husband and started chasing her. She took a couple of hits and ran faster than my husband so we all made it out safe to the house.

I will say that these hornets were protecting their home by sticking together and working to rid themselves of this danger, and this is what God intended them to do.

Delilah and I were doing the same thing. Of all the beauty around us there will be times that we will unfortunately run into one of those situations that we can’t run from, and it never hurts to have others to depend on to fight the battle with you. How much stronger are we when we stick together, and give someone a helping hand.

I appreciate that I have others to lean on during trying times. I hope we can always remember to be there for others to give hope, understanding, prayers, love, and gratitude. In whatever battle we are struggling with or what nasty hornet’s nest you may get in, there is a way out, but you will always have to take action.

Oh, and you may ask who won the battle of Man vs. hornets, and I will have to say it’s probably a tie.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” And if you can give hand to help a friend please do so. Have a great day, and remember to Live, Laugh and Love Always!

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