March 1, 2013

It’s been a long cold winter, and I have missed you my little dears. But I know you are coming back soon. You should wait a few more days or you will freeze your little tail feathers off! I guess you all have figured out I am talking about my hummers.

I love feeding my cold weather birds. The brightly colored Cardinals, and the faded golden finches that are starting to brighten back up soon to be golden yellow again. I have purple finches, gray doves, bold blue Jays, and not to forget the red tail Hawk and the Coopers hawk that think they own the place. So not to worry I have been busy all winter keeping a fresh supply of water, suet, and sunflower seeds for everyone.


But it is time to prepare for my hummers. Like a mother of multiple children I really don’t have a favorite, just some birds like children require more of my time. My hummingbirds do require patience, planning, love but they never fail to give me very much joy.
So today I am watching the migration map and there have been multiply sightings recorded in the southern states of Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. These little scouts are flying ahead looking for suitable spots to bring their families and friends. I will be ready. My feeders are cleaned, and inspected and ready to hang. A 25 lb bag of sugar in the pantry, and I am ready.

Since we are in the freezing digits I will wait until Monday, but they are going up then. I would not want to disappoint my little guys that grace me with their presence and beauty from March to October, with a few stragglers up until Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget that anything worth having is worth working for. So yes, I do spend a lot of time and energy on my birds, but I have more hummers every year that make Como their home.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of one of God’s most precious creations gives me so much pleasure and happiness. I am blessed beyond belief and can’t help but think the hummers are a little gift from heaven above. For this I am grateful.

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