Happy Anniversary to My Hummer Garden!

cropped-2-IMG_8281.jpgA year ago I was in the early stages of getting my book published  to share my love of hummingbirds with my family, friends, and the world.  It was an early birthday present when my husband and good friend showed up with my first box of books. My Hummer Garden was a reality. I cannot tell you how excited and thrilled I was. My garden had come to life with full color photos right at my fingertips.

To make this birthday even more special I was given my very own website and Face Book fan page.  I started sending out welcome messages and photos of my hummers and my garden, and people started liking it.  It took me a while to figure out how to share with people the passion I had been working on for so many years, but it became easier and more enjoyable as the days passed. The winter months began to fill my pages with snowfall, icy lakes, and winter birds. My Hummer Garden has become a full year round garden site that I have been proud to share with so many.

My words and photos are presented with love and care, and the response back is just the same.  I have had the privilege of making friends all over the country and even the world.  I have enjoyed following other people’s pages and sharing beautiful thoughts and pictures.

lisa tattooMy birthday is in less than a week and I only wanted 2 things. First my hummingbird tattoo. Yes I am a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother who now has a beautiful Tattoo on my shoulder that I love. The other wish was that I would reach 1000 likes on My hummer Garden page.  As of last night at Midnight I reached that goal and all day I have been steadily watching the numbers increase thanks to the many shares by family, friends and other pages.

I am so thankful for everyone who has shared this year with me, and I am looking forward to this next year. I will keep reaching for my goals, and I will keep being grateful for all the beautiful blessings I have around me each and everyday.


Love and Hugs!



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Lisa Cockrell

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P.S. To learn more about how to create your own Hummer Garden, go here and grab a copy of my new book, The Hummer Garden.



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