About Lisa

Lisa Cockrell is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother to a wonderful family. When she’s not helping run her husband Mike’s medical practice, she is working, growing, and building her Hummingbird Garden.

Lisa’s love of Hummingbirds has led her down a path of inspiration and happiness. She has grown to love gardening, photography and writing. She loves being able to live her passion each and every day and she loves being able to share that passion with people all over the world.

Her photography skills allow her to capture many of the beautiful Hummingbirds, Butterflies, and flowers she gets to experience in the Gardens at Laurel Rose Manor, her private hummingbird garden in Como, Mississippi. She is able to capture the amazing creatures in some of the most majestic of moments.

Lisa is also the author of several books.  “The Hummer Garden” teaches you everything you need to know so you can create a beautiful garden in your own backyard. No matter how small or how large your garden space is, there are some amazing plants that you can use to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. If you would like a copy of “The Hummer Garden” you can visit this link.

In addition to her books about Hummingbirds, Lisa has also written a daily inspirational book. “An Inspired Life” is a collection of daily inspirational thoughts and quotes that help keep her going all year long. Lisa believes in sharing her positive outlook and inspiring others to do the same so they can live richer, fuller, lives. It is Lisa’s hope that this website will allow you to get a glimpse into a beautiful world full of endless possibilities.

Lisa’s most recent book is a children’s book inspired by the hummingbirds in her garden. It is a story of a mother hummingbird who finds a beautiful garden in which to build her nest and raise her babies. It is designed to engage young readers of all ages to cultivate a love of nature and develop an appreciation for all of God’s tiny creatures. Be sure to grab your copy of “Mommy Hummer Builds a Nest” and share the story with your children and grandchildren.

Live, Laugh, and Love Always

lisa cockrell