This has been a busy season and we were so thankful to have gotten to share a few minutes with our friends and family for our 3rd annual hummingbird migration.

We were blessed to have so many new faces to visit our gardens and enjoy the Hummingbirds and Butterflies..  This year we have had a larger than usual number of Monarchs and raised many butterflies. The children that were here had so much fun looking for caterpillars eating on the milkweed, and  Chrysalis that were just waiting to emerge.  It always excites me to share information with others especially children.  They may not even know how important all this is right now, but hopefully when they are adults they will still have that fondness in their hearts and plant their own gardens to enjoy.

Special Thanks to my husband Mike for always encouraging and loving me as well as working to make these Gardens beautiful  Thanks to Mandee and Robert Kubler at Homestead Farms in Coldwater MS for helping me make my Gardens so perfect.  And Thanks to Chad Martin at Undefined Radio for his support in helping me with my books, website, videos and anything else i ever ask him to do.

This season is coming to an end, but now I can just back and enjoy and plan for next year.


Love and Hugs to all and never forget to Smile!


Live, Laugh, and Love Always!


Lisa Cockrell

lisa cockrell

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